Palau de Mar building features

Offices located in an excellent area, in front of Port Vell, Gothic and Barceloneta District. Historical building with open spaces and several floors of 3.000 sqm aprox. There is the possibility of renting 400 sqm. units. 

Open spaces for rent with lots of natural light.

Features and finishings

  • Technical floor
  • Techos registrables
  • False ceilings
  • Air conditioning cold/hot
  • There are some spaces separated by glass and pvc screens
  • Pre instalation for telecommunication


  • Concierge
  • Common toilets on every floor
  • Four centers of 2 elevators
  • Cleaning service of common areas and toilets

Palau de Mar building

Oficinas Palau de Mar | Barcelona

Palau de Mar is a typical port architecture building of the 19th century. It was built between 1880 and 1890 in the Pau Vila Square which was assigned to be The Old General Commercial Stores. The engineer Mauricio Garrán the first director of Junta de Obras of the Port of Barcelona wanted to assign this building to commercial stores purposes but it was finally converted into a goods storage area for the port.
This is the only preserved building of Port Vell industrial era in Barcelona.

The building has a double structure on the one hand, the inner structure of rolled steel frames is highly effective as open space is required to be able of supporting heavy loads. And secondly, the exterior, masonry, best enclosure against the weather, fire and theft.

Alquiler Oficinas Palau de Mar

The building was transformed and renovated for  1992 Olympics Games by the architects Josep Benedito and Agustí Mateos changing the space in the center of the building providing more light and ventilation on every floor.

Also it was built an additional floor giving an exit to the roof, which was a success because it allows to enjoy fantastic panoramic views over Barcelona and the Port.

Actually it is the headquarters of the Museum of the History of Catalunya, the Center of the Contemporary History of Catalunya, different restaurants and 10.500 sqm dedicated to office rental purposes.

Ground floor

First floor

Third floor

Second floor

Fourth floor